2011 predictions: HTC UK director Jon French


HTC executive director for UK, Ireland and South Africa Jon French discusses the new age of smartphones, and the coming trend for cloud computing

“Smartphones will become the standard in 2011. The demands of this growing market will require a fresh approach from manufacturers and operators.

“Early adopters will be joined by a larger group of non-traditional smartphone users; people like my mum and your grandmother. These are people who will enjoy the experience but won’t necessarily know or care what a smartphone is.

“As an industry, we will have to find a way to talk in more simple terms. We can’t afford to leave these new smartphone users behind.

“This communication must also be supported with quality customer care and phones that are simple and intuitive to use. We will only win over new smartphone customers from the larger mid-tier if they feel comfortable with the product and enjoy the experience. Overcoming this challenge must be the focus for 2011.

“Just as the application store was big in 2010, services will be a major focus for all players in the mobile ecosystem for the coming year, especially cloud-based services.

“The cloud is great for delivering additional content, but more importantly, providing data security. Mobile security is something that will become a major priority for consumers and businesses as they begin to store more and more data on the mobile phone such as contact details, emails and website passwords.

“By offering people the opportunity to do things like back up their mobile phone data to a secure cloud service, use their PC to locate their phone if it is lost or stolen and remotely lock and wipe their phone if needed, we are enriching their experience and relationship with our brand.

“This is just as applicable for business customers. We have already seen initial forays into this area. In 2011, we expect to see these services evolve to create something extremely compelling for customers.”

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  1. Dont buy HTC – This man does not speak to customers and the disgusting treatment you will receive if your HTC poduct has a problem is beyond belief……… HTC should be ashamed!!!