Kondor brings forward office move


Dorset accessories distributor Kondor has brought forward its move to a new site, 50 per cent larger than its existing premises, to March

Kondor is a month ahead of schedule with its upcoming office move, and will swap its existing base in Wimborne, Dorset, for a new head office and distribution centre in nearby Christchurch by March.

The new site is 50 per cent bigger than its previous base.

The building, 13 miles from the Wimborne site, measures 60,000 square foot across three floors, each 10 metres high. Its existing premises covers 40,000 foot of space on a single storey.

The new site will include offices, meeting rooms, social areas, a product showroom, training area, photographic studio, merchandising space and warehousing facilities.

Office space will almost double from 8,000 square foot to 15,000 square foot. Kondor intends to recruit up to 10 new staff in the months following the move.

Kondor head of marketing Natalie Tye said: “Everything has gone a lot more smoothly than our builders initially thought.

“A smooth transition is vital to ensure minimal disruption to our business practice, and it certainly looks like that’s going to be the case.”