2011 predictions: Avenir Telecom managing director Andy Tow


Andy Tow, managing director of airtime distributor Avenir Telecom, suggests operators and handset manufacturers must work harder to differentiate themselves in 2011

“Convergence of technology, service providers and sales channels has started, and will gather pace.

“Smartphone manufacturers will continue to vie for position in the business market. Data and Wi-Fi access will play a key role.

“According to futurologists, the five big technology players – BlackBerry, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook – will look increasingly alike.

“Operators and manufacturers will have to keep up with the ever-changing applications and services, and ensure devices offer the latest technology.

“And we will see more tablets, with RIM’s PlayBook taking a leading role.

“But the main concern will be the industry’s continued move from an acquisition to a retention model.

“It is time the whole industry focuses on the end-user; their satisfaction will be the talking point for those who want to be successful.”

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