2011 predictions: Get connected managing director Damian Cole


Get Connected managing director Damian Cole predicts the fight between independent retailers will step up in 2011Last year, I predicted a three-way fight among retail independents between Get Connected, Go Mobile and JAG.

Now there are only two green bottles standing on the wall.

Retail will be tougher than ever in 2011.

However the coming together of Orange and T-Mobile may provide some interesting opportunities as Everything Everywhere looks to dominate the UK market.

Revenue share is now embedded. The secret will be to grow your base while keeping tight control of churn and fraud, allowing revenue share to increase monthly.

It will be interesting to see if the franchise model succeeds during 2011; it didn’t work for JAG, failing to control rogue franchisees, interested in a quick buck, rather than a long-term business. It could result in more downfalls as clawback starts rolling in.”