2011 predictions: Mainline managing director Andrew Boden


Andrew Boden, managing director of Everything Everywhere airtime distributor Mainline, says 2011 will see lines between mobile, fixed line and IT systems properly blurred

“The networks will look to the dealer channel to ensure the successful launch of converged solutions.

“Dealers will be expected to deliver more.

“However there will be support from operators and distributors to help them.

“The key for dealers will be to focus on solutions that provide good margins and which can be properly supported by supply partners.

“There will be a plethora of opportunities that look great, but where margins won’t reflect the work the dealer has to invest.

“The attractiveness of mobile to fixed line and IT resellers will increase.

“Businesses may already have three suppliers for these, but the lines between them will blur considerably this year.

“Dealers who are not willing to embrace new solutions may find their SME customer base eroded by new entrants.”

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