2011 predictions: Vodafone UK chief executive Guy Laurence


Guy Laurence, chief executive of Vodafone UK, suggests investment in network infrastructure will become key as data devices continue to grow in 2011

“2011 will be the year of the smart network.

“It will see a new crop of lower-cost smartphones put the mobile internet and downloadable apps into the hands of a boarder audience.

“This ‘democratisation’ of the smartphone, coupled with widening selection of tablet computers, will create a huge increase in traffic across mobile

“As the boom in data traffic plays out over the coming months, it will become increasingly obvious which operators have consistently invested in infrastructure.

“Those that have underinvested or are consolidating their networks to boost profits will creak under the strain.

“More devices will link to networks than ever before, as more businesses take advantage of M2M technology to connect everything from electricity and water meters, to vans and even ice cream vending machines.”

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