2011 predictions: XLN Telecom chief executive Christian Nellemann


Christian Nellemann, chief executive of XLN Telecom, predicts an increase in data costs as networks reach capacity in 2011

“Eighty-five per cent of SME users want smartphones and all our accounts are internet enabled. Networks may reach data capacity, which will lead to price increases. 2010 was the year the market came of age in terms of data. Pushing more will lead to network congestion as operators struggle for capacity.

“Some of that traffic will move back into fixed line broadband as Wi-Fi is utilised to beat the choke points. It might be, as networks get overloaded and operators are forced to invest, there is some pricing reality-check in line for business users.

“But increasingly, fixed, mobile and IP services will be wrapped up in one bill, from one provider. And there will be innovation in business tariffs too, as bespoke packages are introduced for particular businesses. It will be the start of mass personalisation for business customers – tariffs built very specifically around their individual business needs.”