2011 predictions: Azzurri Comms business development director Craig Wellman


Collaboration tools from Google and Microsoft will drive activity in 2011 says Azzurri’s Craig Wellman

“Certain sectors will have a big appetite for change after a sustained hunkering-down.

In the public sector, we are already seeing a drive toward outsourcing and shared service.

Businesses will continue to take advantage of unified comms.

The cost reduction of integrating networks and consolidating suppliers will drive activity.

But it’s the availability and improved collaboration tools from Microsoft and Google that will provide greater opportunities in 2011.

We expect wider cloud capability to drive a move from on-premises equipment, but it has to be in the context of transformation.

2010 saw fever-pitch hype around unified comms, but a mixed reception from businesses.

Moving critical applications to the cloud without a strong network is like building a house with no foundations.”