2011 predictions: Bluechipworld managing director Simon Hassell


Bluechipworld managing director Simon Hassell expects the application and accessories markets to hot up despite rises in VAT

“More handset functionality and applications mean more opportunity for accessories.

“Convergence with audio is very apparent in key retailers.

“Whilst Apple has driven this, we have recently seen the likes of Samsung, HTC and others in this area too.

“The year will see new entrants offer highly-specified Android touchscreen phones at very affordable price points, which is another opportunity for app and accessory sales.

“With the VAT increase, there may be an initial lull, but it will be swiftly counteracted by aggressive retail promotions from retailers and networks.

“The cost of finance will continue to be a challenge with the economy the way it is, but with careful and detailed planning and good management teams the strongest will survive.”

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