2011 predictions: Brightpoint EMEA president Anurag Gupta


Anurag Gupta, EMEA president of Brightpoint, predicts smartphone growth in the prepay market and continued interest in applications

“Smartphones will outpace all other growth with greater adoption in prepay. The smartphone will be the primary window to the internet.

“The proliferation of Google applications, content and services will drive Android demand, yet we will see continued OS fragmentation.

“Consumers are increasingly aware of platforms and application providers, which may influence customer loyalty and the balance of power.

“Vendors will bring to market a number of five, seven and 10 inch tablets to compete with the iPad.

“The mass retail channel is gaining relevance, driven by device improvements that are best demonstrated ‘hands-on’.

“However, e-business will to gain market share in mature markets. We expect the average duration of a mobile contract to increase with device and network technology driving the replacement cycles.

“Supply chain services and global economies of scale will be key to driving efficiencies as the economy remains challenging. One can expect the consolidation within the wireless industry to continue.”

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