2011 predictions: Brightstar Europe vice president Rod Millar


Brightstar Europe vice president Rod Millar reckons it will be a year of consolidation across the industry with the emergence of non-traditional retailers key

“Consolidation will continue from last year. Organisations in each channel sector will have opportunity to acquire weaker competitors, and to strengthen their positions.

“Major national players will be able to make significant UK/European acquisitions and regional B2B and retail dealers will have the chance to consolidate their positions also.

“2011 will also see the progression of non-traditional retailers entering or re-entering the mobile market.

“This will kick-start the emergence of new specialist mobile-only chains, which will in turn present tough competition in the consumer and SME spaces for traditional outfits.

“This sector needs to identify its USPs – new products and services, new data applications and software solutions – if it is to open up niche markets and add value to low-margin box shifting or straight voice connections, both of which are overdue an overhaul.

“Growth in the smartphone and tablet markets will accelerate opportunities for convergence between mobile and IT channels, and satisfy the phenomenal demand for social media access and applications.

“Bigger retailers and operators will continue to look to drive productivity improvement and further reduce costs by outsourcing logistics, production and operational processes to specialists for end-to-end supply chain solutions.”

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