2011 predictions: Buymobilephones.net owner Paul Sisson


Paul Sisson, owner of online retailer Buymobilephones.net, predicts that Android will continue to grow, especially with the release of new tablets and networks will look to grab the best customers by shifting to higher revenue share

“Android will dominate and, for us, will probably account for 80 per cent of smartphone sales and 50 per cent of total sales.

“Operators that provide consumers with generous data packages will do well. New tablets will see Android gain a foothold in the PC market, but I don’t see customers buying separate data packages, even with subsidy.

“Most will be happy to use Wi-Fi or tether them with their existing mobile allowance.

“The shift to higher revenue share will continue as operators view it as best guarantee of quality customers.

“Hopefully more work will be done to equalize the commission paid for new and upgrading customers.”

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