2011 predictions: Crystal Ball managing director Raj Singh


Raj Singh, boss of tracking provider Crystal Ball thinks, says operators will increasingly look for sale of data applications to offset declining voice revenues

“The smart money is on smartphones and apps. We are getting close now to a perfect marriage of hardware and software.

“Hardware prices are coming down, and we have an economic situation now – with austerity measures, high VAT and staggering fuel prices – that makes the user market ripe for exploitation.

“Businesses want ways to work smarter and more efficiently. We also have a situation where operators are under pressure from declining voice revenues.

“Again, the climate is right for data applications, which can offset this downwards spiral and bolster operator revenues.

“So it is, in many ways, a perfect sales market for forward-looking operatives in the channel.

“However, I would qualify this optimism by making clear a future is there only for dealers and resellers than can adapt to the changed market, and get closer to their clients.

“The channel will consolidate as professionals take charge of sales.”

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