2011 predictions: Desi Mobi managing director Sacha Visram


Sacha Visram, managing director of ethnic MVNO Desi Mobi, says focused marketing and consumer disillusion with long-term deals will drive business to specialist providers

“Consumers will become more savvy. Under-served groups and niches that operators do not effectively cater for will expect more.

“So there will be a rise in specialist players that can use more finely-tuned instruments to create targeted offerings.

““We’ll continue to see the blunt instruments of ‘high-impact’ handsets and large subsidies being from the main operators in their ongoing fight for market share.

“High-end devices become outdated quickly and the frustration for customers locked into two-year contracts will grow, and see growth of SIM-only contracts as customers seek providers that better serve their lifestyle and start to acquire hardware separately of their airtime contracts.”

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