2011 predictions: EBS sales director Andrew Dawson


Andrew Dawson,sales director of EBS, predicts more iconic brands will look to follow the same path as Everything Everywhere in 2011

“The industry has changed dramatically in the past couple of years and a consequence is the decline in entrepreneurial spirit.

“Operators’ behaviour has shifted – who would have said, a few years back, two operators would contrive to form a partnership and live happily ever after. The decision to combine two iconic brands under one umbrella is a sign of things to come.

“Quality and ROI will be the headline shout. Growth at any cost will be a thing of the past. These facets are already evident today. All businesses are having to make the necessary provisions to accommodate this mindset.

“Even so, a changing landscape creates opportunities. The interesting thing to watch will be the stance taken Everything Everywhere’s rivals. The joint venture should actually stimulate other networks.”

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