2011 predictions: GK Telecom managing director Gurminder Dulku


GK Telecom managing director Gurminder Dulku says consolidation will continue, but survivors will have renewed strength in 2011 as operators draw the channel closer
“SIM distribution is increasingly competitive. Networks no longer want an endless supply of SIMs in the market; they are focused on quality.

“The market is changing. Revenue share in prepay is coming of age. 2011 will see distributors with direct routes to market share revenues with retail bases.

“There will be consolidation among MVNOs, although the big winners might just give some of the MNOs a bloody nose.

“There will also be consolidation in distribution, although most have now settled into niches and dealers appear to be in better favour.

“The biggest issue the channel has faced is the regard with which operators have held it – it has been seen as a necessary evil for some time.

“But Vodafone’s about-face shows suggests at last they have accepted the essential role of dealers.”

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