2011 predictions: HSC business manager Bob Sweetlove


HSC business manager Bob Sweetlove believes 2011 can be a bright year for independent dealers that stay ahead of the curve

“Independent specialists should look forward very positively.

Yes, there will be macro-economic issues but even these can lead to profit for dealers who can save customers money.

“Ever-developing technology creates a more complex point of sale.

How do I get the most out my smartphone?

How do I integrate with my business email and other data?

How can I route landline calls through mobiles?

No one is better placed to deal with these questions than the local independent dealer.

The networks will continue to warm to this community and open up more of their business toolbox to them.

“Tablets provide a new element, although there will be a reluctance to add another airtime contract; tethered devices and Wi-Fi may prove more attractive.

The likes of Huawei, using Android, will bring to market attractivehardware to challenge Apple, RIM and HTC.

“The networks will struggle to cope with the increasing data demand on their networks, which may play into the hands of smaller, less-busy operators like Three and T-Mobile.

Vodafone OneNet Express may draw away some good O2 and Orange customers, leading to interesting product responses from both.

Microsoft will open up enterprise level software to the masses with the development of its cloud services portfolio linked to Windows Phone 7.

Bright days indeed for the truly independent specialist prepared to keep pace with technology and develop their business accordingly.”

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