2011 predictions: Micro-P general manager of mobile John Doughty


Micro-P general manager of mobile John Doughty predicts competition between manufacturers will intensify with emergence of tablet devices

“No matter which part of the market you are in, and how successful you’ve been, 2011 will be about evolving to ensure growth.

“Smartphones will continue to deliver significant growth. The tablet is probably the first product type to cross into both IT and mobile markets.

“These products should provide interesting competition among manufacturers this year.

“The Everything Everywhere merger will settle down and we’ll get clearer indication of the direction its brands take.

“Others’ strategies will also be clearer, and an interesting battle will develop around their acquisition of new customers and retention of existing customers.

“How each of them addresses the fixed line market will be of particular interest.

“Distribution needs to evolve further. Manufacturers, operators and resellers are all looking to develop their propositions, which gives distributors an opportunity to create innovative solutions that meet these demands.”

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