2011 predictions: Mobix director Richard Harris


Mobix director Richard Harris puts his money on unified comms for the year ahead, with attendant development in mobile security technologies

“Unified comms will grow further beyond its roots, as it has with online collaboration, the explosion in social media and new business media.

“It will embrace more general business processes, including a move to integrating transactions, purchases and advertising, especially in m-commerce.

“Inherent issues with mobile security will drive more robust platforms. Anti-virus for mobile will move mainstream. Security in general will standardise in the mass-market.

“As web security is tightened and more anti-phishing technologies emerge we’ll see a move to voice phishing, facilitated by low cost international IP telephony. This will drive mutual authentication.

“With BT pushing free Wi-Fi, we’ll see a swing to hotspot-hopping and IP telephony become the new GSM. This could be further accelerated if and when train operators fully embrace Wi-Fi.

“We will also start to see applications for cars, perhaps even Wi-Fi. The mobile operator that secures Wi-Fi for cars will have an exceptional market position.”

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