2011 predictions: MoCo managing director Ian Robinson


Ian Robinson, managing director of O2 airtime distributor MoCo, says revenue share for the dealer market has changed the landscape, and that professionals can make gains in 2011

“The introduction of revenue share has triggered a shift in the dealer market.

“It has given dealers the assets to be saleable concerns as the industry consolidates and faces competition from IT and fixed line markets.

“Unified comms really ‘hit’ last year with merged offerings from O2 and Vodafone.

“This ‘one-stop-shop’ supply will continue at a pace. But the biggest opportunity has to be the ICT market.

“All businesses will look to the powerful combination of internet, cloud and mobile devices for smarter working solutions, cost savings and efficiencies.

“Imagine the scenario – monthly revenue share from customers’ fixed voice and data, mobile voice and data, plus monthly subscription revenue from the business apps they use.

“That sounds like a win-win for all of us.”

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