2011 predictions: Motorola UK marketing director Tom Satchwell


Motorola UK marketing director Tom Satchwell reckons mobile will challenge traditional computers with their increasing capabilities

“The competitive landscape of computing will change forever.

“Devices, formerly known as ‘mobiles’, armed with multi-core processors, formidable graphics capabilities and inherent economies of scale, will eat into the low-end laptop and netbook market.

“These devices will take the form of tablets or ultra-powerful, large-screen smartphones, with ‘go anywhere’ pocket-ability.

“They will be compatible with all computing peripherals – keyboard, mouse, HD monitor, TV, hard disk drive and network.

“3D screens, which do not require 3D glasses, will precipitate the next generation of mobile games, movies and operating systems.

“Studded with proximity sensors, devices will enable sophisticated menu interactions with icons projected out of the screen.

“More intelligent and secure cloud storage will instigate two major changes.

“Firstly, major corporate organisations will move to cloud-based email systems, where storage capacity per user will increase from megabytes to gigabytes.

“Secondly, office applications will move from device-resident software to virtual machines hosted in the cloud.

“Both changes will enable access to content anywhere in the world, from any number of devices.

“The human aspiration of a single, companion device takes a leap forward, as do expectations of what it will deliver.

“Google will be at the centre of it all.”

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