2011 predictions: Timico chief technology officer Trefor Davies


Trefor Davies, chief technology officer of Timico, predicts a ten-fold increase in data consumption forcing operators to introduce a new data priority services in 2011“Unlike in SME, corporates buying handsets want low-cost rather than advanced functionality, so staff will buy smartphones rather than use employers’.

This will cause problems for businesses with strict network security policies and be the catalyst for growth in apps that provide secure access to corporate networks, including device management and ‘remote kill’ options.

“Smartphones will cause an increase in network data usage – up to ten-fold. This will cause network congestion and prompt operators to introduce a two-tier service where people can pay for priority/quality access.

“Voice revenues will fall but data revenues will offset this. The two-tier network will see an outcry from those who can’t afford the premium service. MPs will debate whether to introduce laws safeguarding net neutrality.”

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