2011 predictions: TMTI chief executive Crispin Thomas


TMTI chief executive Crispin Thomas reckons Tesco will give Carphone and Phones 4U a run for their money, Three might have its day in the sun and Android will remain in the acendency

“2011 will be a tough year for retailers as 24-month contracts slow upgrade sales and interest rates climb.

“As smartphone software can be upgraded via the web now, so hardware change will become rarer. Web retail will grab more contract share.

“The emergence of Amazon gives us an idea for 2011. Tesco will throw the cat amongst the 4U and Carphone pigeons. Feathers will fly.

“As data usage grows, networks will face pressure. The Skype model will eat into their revenues. Consumers are dictating how they make calls, and Three’s finest hour might be just around the corner.

“Android will eclipse all but Apple. Nokia will weaken, and be forced to adopt Android. HTC has an excellent position to leapfrog competitors. Windows 7? Great platform but is it too late? I believe so. Android is too far down the tracks.”

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  1. Collaborating with Sony is an excellent idea. Please incorporate the following Sony products, hardware & softwrae into the Xperia line…

    Remote Play
    Location Free – Why have another Brand (Slingplayer) when Sony has Location Free
    DLNA – Sony Product, Servers, Game Consoles, Bluray Players, TV's etc…
    Video w/cover artwork
    Remote Control – Sony Products,Servers, Game Consoles (PS3 &PSP), Bluray Players, TV's etc…
    Sony GPS – Link up with Nav-U