2011 predictions: ZTE UK director of mobile device operations Wu Sa


ZTE’s Wu Sa says operators must find simple way to communicate with consumers as the smarthphone industry continues to grow “The smartphone market will increase exponentially as smartphones diffuse to a wider demographic.

“Operators and manufacturers will work to ensure affordable and easy-to-use propositions that appeal to a wider audience.

“It is important the industry finds a language new users can understand to grow the smartphone market beyond the tech-savvy early-adopters.

“Google’s Android OS grew rapidly through 2010, but 2011 we will see the ‘empire strike back’ with Windows Phone 7.

“Android offers a truly customisable experience and Windows Phone 7 has been designed to offer similar multi-tasking capabilities and enhanced functionality.

“It has great potential and if, as anticipated, Microsoft responds to consumer and manufacturer needs and demands, it will be a serious contender for the current champion.

“The launch of the iPad was a differentiator and market-disrupting.

“It allowed Apple to set the standard and dominate the tablet market.

“This year we will see a lower entry point for tablets as new manufacturers drive competition and force prices down.

“We expect to see tablet uptake across enterprise, government and education sectors, and increasingly in the consumer ‘lifestyle’ market.

“It will spark a change in the way users interact with information and entertainment content which will ultimately lead to a fully ‘connected’ future.”

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