2011 predictions: Focus 4U head of mobile operations Keane Beaken


Focus 4U head of mobile Keane Beaken says dealers who have embraced revenue share will reap the benefits this year

“With only three major networks for businesses, effectively, tariff costs will be pretty standard.

“With less choice and little difference in tariffs, and provided customers get good and proactive account management, it should be easier for dealers to reduce churn.

“Operators will continue to push their way into fixed line and, with better propositions and more experience, 2011 may see them make progress.

“Commissions will be further weighted in favour of revenue share rather than upfront payments.

“Dealers who have embraced revenue share will see the benefit as ongoing payments grow.

“After months of tense negotiations, the battle for the 800MHz spectrum will be settled amicably by all parties agreeing to share spectrum to avoid the coverage stronghold enjoyed by O2 and Vodafone during the past decade.”

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