Dealer sales corner: Romex tracking solutions


New sales opportunities for dealers. In this installment, Romex managing director Jason Laight discusses the company’s GPS tracking solutions

Mobile solutions for lone workers offer huge advantages for employers, in terms of efficiency savings and also duty-of-care compliance. New software uses GPS information and cell location technology to pinpoint the position of lone workers in the event of an emergency.

They can raise an alarm if in trouble to generate positional data and send information back to company servers and/or to an alarm receiving centre. Businesses have the choice of managing employee alarms internally or externally via a dedicated third party monitoring facility linked directly to the emergency services.

This software monitors workers in two ways. Firstly, for the lone worker situation, the handset software allows an individual to raise either a red alert in an emergency or a yellow alert when they require proactive monitoring in a potentially dangerous environment. Red alerts immediately alert other company colleagues that they require assistance via email/ SMS, or an operative at a monitoring centre if that level of service is required.

The message from the mobile phone sends accurate positional data as well as automating a voice call from the handset. The combination of this core management solution and the new panic button facility produces all the current and historic information required to deal with a potentially dangerous situation for anyone working alone.

Yellow alerts allow an individual to log their location before entering a building and set an alert for a specific time, if it is not cleared within the set time it will convert to a red alert.

In respect to the duty that employers have to managing driver behaviour new software is available to enable companies to manage events such as driving speed, time spent behind the wheel, driving breaks, mobile phone use whilst driving and whether a device is being using with hands-free technology whilst in a journey.

Additionally, this software will generate reports that are able to help companies build a necessary audit trail for compliance with the Work Related Road Safety legislation which ensures companies manage employee driving behaviour.

‘Driving at Work legislation’ dictates an employer must have an accurate audit trail of an employee’s driving behaviour because, in the event of a motor accident that results in injury or a fatality in working hours, an employer may be asked to provide such information.

Now with software that is specific to an individual (not a vehicle) a clear behaviour audit is retained. The new software will monitor driver behaviour such as, length of journey, speeding and whether or not they have used their mobile during the journey.

For companies operating grey fleet vehicles, this type of convergence software enables them to comply with the new legislation. With the software operating from a smartphone there are no requirements to install ‘black box’ type hardware, and it ensures all employees are monitored and audited no matter what vehicle they are in.

The latest development in software will now monitor mobile phone usage whilst an individual is in a moving vehicle. The application is able to detect whether a Bluetooth device or charging cradle are in use.

As part of the Duty of Care and Road Safety legislation, this new development will ensure total monitoring of mobile phone use during working hours.