Avenir wins O2 supply contract


Distributor gains contract with O2 for its Energizer range of charging accessories

Avenir Telecom has been awarded a contract with O2 to supply its exclusive Energizer accessories range.

Avenir Telecom has a global distribution exclusive with battery maker Energizer, which has produced a range of mobile charging accessories. Energizer products from Avenir are now being stocked in O2 retail stores.

Meanwhile, Avenir is stepping up its attempts to sign up new dealers by offering up to £10,000 in bonuses based on connections to O2.

From January 1, dealers who achieve a minimum of 250 new connections across new business, mobile broadband and upgrades which are live before February 28, will receive the cash bonus. Avenir however has said the deadline for connections being submitted may be flexible for new partners.

Customer re-signs are not included in the incentive and customers must go on to the O2 revenue share model for the first time to qualify. Avenir is however offering a £50 bonus for all O2 re-signs this month provided they include a BlackBerry data package for the first time.