Vodafone OneNet tops 10,000 UK users


Vodafone claims UK sales of OneNet have passed 10,000 users and 1,000 business contracts; the operator is upping its marketing spend to help emulate international success

Vodafone Partner Services told UK dealers today (January 24) that sales of its unified communication product OneNet have hit 1,ooo customers, and more than 10,000 individual users.

Vodafone informed dealers it wants to  emulate in the UK OneNet’s success in its international markets. It said Vodafone Spain and Vodafone Portugal are signing 50,000 new users to OneNet  each month.

Vodafone OneNet launched in the UK in September 2009. The majority of Vodafone’s top dealer partners have only had the ability to sell the product in the past six months, however.

Vodafone said it will beef up awareness of the product with significant advertising from the second week of February. It said it will spend around £1.5 million in the month.

The news was announced at a Vodafone Partner Services event in Warwick, with around 140 Vodafone dealers attending, including a mix of those in its gold and silver tiers.

The event was hosted by Vodafone UK enterprise marketing director Peter Boucher.

The event runs again tomorrow (January 25) for its platinum partners.

Boucher told dealers Vodafone will make a number of changes to its OneNet offer to make it simpler to sell, including minor changes to tariffs. Details have yet to be announced.

Vodafone will increase the maximum number of users on OneNet, which has to date targeted business accounts of 1-30 seats, to around 130 later this year.

This will also facilitate the ability for customers with multiple sites to have a single OneNet package across different locations.


  1. please please be aware of Vodafone onenet as i ported my number over 3 weeks a go and i have spent countless hour’s on the phone to a utterly useless team who don’t them self’s no how the system works (amazingly even there so called tech team don’t no much about the system) if you really value you business you will walk away from onenet. there is no call waiting on the hunt group there is no call divert on the hunt group and your hunt group will stop working randomly for no apparent reason and when it does you can only get the tech team 8am to 6pm mon to fri and no tech team on the weekends?????? as i found out on a sataday morning at 4am when my receptionist called me to tell me there was no incoming calls, called onenet team at 4am but it was not open till 8am sat morning then to be told i will have to wait till Monday morning (52hrs) with no incoming calls to speak to the tech team it has destroyed my business in one weekend i have suspended my contract today and will know work to pick up the pieces and seek legal advise for loss of earnings please don’t make the same mistake i made