New quality controls for O2 Approved partners


O2’s Approved programme for distributors and ‘indirect’ dealers to relaunch with w focus on customer satisfaction and enhanced bonuses for supplementary data connections

O2 UK is to restructure its Approved dealer programme to ramp up sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Its Approved scheme is for dealers working via airtime distributors Avenir Telecom, Daisy Distribution, HSC and MoCo.

It launched 19 months ago with 20 dealers, selected at the time by Avenir Telecom and Fone Logistics (now Daisy Distribution).

Dealer numbers have now risen to around 70.

O2 is to add a £40 bonus to commissions for ‘converged’ connections, covering Joined Up and other data supplements.

Dealers said O2 wants customers taking more services as new acquisitions in the SME market slow.

O2 will also launch a customer satisfaction index (CSI) in the channel, as it has in its retail estate, which will see SME customers called after deals are closed to ask for and measure feedback.

It is understood dealers will be set 85 per cent on key scores as part of other Approved targets.

Poor performers will be removed from the programme.

A central plank of the new programme will be exclusivity of airtime and hardware offers for Approved partners, which have traditionally played second fiddle to Centre of Excellence partners
connecting with O2 directly.

O2 will discuss the relaunch with distributors at events this month, hosted by O2 head of partners Maggie Kennedy (pictured).

An O2 spokesperson said: “We are discussing potential changes to O2 Approved with partners.

These are positive changes.”