Vodafone wins Met Police contract


Deal will see operator provide unified communications to the entire London police force and opens door for similar deals across the UK

Vodafone UK’s business division enterprise has won the contract to provide unified communications for the Metropolitan Police Service following a tender process.

While Vodafone was already working with the Metropolitan Police this latest contract win sees the operator secure the entire communications contract for London’s police service.

Vodafone UK Enterprise director Peter Kelly described the awarding of the contract as a “landmark agreement”.

He said the deal with the Met Police will now become part of its National Police Framework Agreement, which will allow other police forces around the UK to use the company’s services should they wish to participate, without going through a tender process.

Kelly said the operators solutions would help police officers spend more time on the beat, and less time occupied with administrative duties.

He said: “It’s about lower costs, better citizen service and employee satisfaction. It provides the Metropolitan Police with a small simpler framework, and a level of savings in line with Government saving guidelines across departments.”