Vodafone claims metering award


Vodafone presented with award in solutions provider category for roll out of data services for British Gas

Vodafone UK has been presented with a networks and communications award at the inaugural European Smart Metering Awards for its provision of mobile data services in British Gas’s smart metering rollout.

Classed in the solutions provider category, Vodafone was awarded the accolade based on its network strength, secure data transfer and collection, as well as staff capability.

Vodafone UK Enterprise director Peter Kelly said: “These new awards highlight the growing importance of smart metering in the UK.

Vodafone has pioneered the use of mobile data network connectivity as the most viable solution for smart metering.

“There will be significant benefits for customers as it will help them to better manage their energy and automatically receive a bill for exactly what they’ve used.

“It will also help utility companies better manage their energy networks.”

The European Smart Metering Awards examine the latest developments, trends and objectives facing UK based electricity, gas and water utilities and recognise innovators within that industry.