Networks convince one in seven to stay


New YouGov research suggests one in seven customers can be convinced not to leave a network when calling up to cancel contracts

One in seven mobile customers has been talked out of leaving their existing network when they call up to terminate a contract, new YouGov figures reveal.

The research carried out on behalf of business process outsourcing company Firstsource Solutions which surveyed over 2000 UK adults also revealed different age groups react differently when encouraged

One in four customers aged between 25 to 34 are likely to remain with their existing provider while only six per cent of over 55 year olds would be persuaded to change their minds.

Most UK operators generally estimate customer churn between 30 to 40 per cent – the highest in Europe according to a case study carried out by research group Pitney Bowes.

The research according to Firstsource Solutions executive vice president telecom and media division Santanu Nandi, reiterates the importance of traditional person to person communication between customers and operators.

Nandi said: “The survey shows that good interpersonal communication and empathetic customer service can make a real difference to telecoms operators’ business.

“Although customers are increasingly being encouraged to use email, text and online chat, there are still advantages for mobile and broadband providers in retaining voice contact with customers.

“A good conversation with a customer service advisor is more likely to persuade customers to retain their contracts and even to buy more services such as mobile data or broadband.”