Android sales quadruple in 2010


Android phones make strong gains in Europe, Asia and Latin America increasing sales by 28 per cent in 12 months in some cases

Android sales quadrupled in Europe in 2010, accounting for 25 per cent of all smartphone sales by the years end according to retail figures obtained and released by GfK Retail and Technology.

At the start of the year Android phones accounted for 5 per cent of sales across Europe.

Retail figures from Asia show even stronger growth in that region – Android moved from three per cent in Q1 2010 to 31 per cent by the end of the year.

The trend also continued in Latin America. Total sales of Android devices rose from four percent at the start of the year to 22 per cent by December.

GfK global telco marketing director Aaron Rattue said: “With the smartphone market becoming increasingly competitive, the potential impact of new tablet propositions and a growing number of applications, Android looks well placed to maintain market share for the coming months.”