MWC: Motorola GLEAM targets non smartphone users


Motorola says new GLEAM device shows that “great design never goes out of fashion”

The Motorola GLEAM is for consumers which Motorola says  “just want a simple phone that makes calls”.

At 13.9mm thick, the GLEAM will be a highly affordable handset according to the manufacturer, that should be available in the UK on prepay, although a retail price has not been confirmed.

The phone has an FM radio, a 2 mega pixel camera with video capture and MP3 playback as well as expandable memory and Bluetooth with stereo audio output, plus a 3.5mm headphone jack for listening to music or the radio.

The phone also has some clever touches, such as a glowing light that glows to highlight a call or message, or an LED matrix that can keep you notified of upcoming events or information such as the time.

It will be available in a choice of colours will be on offer, including graphite gray, lacquer red and thistle, while a stereo headset will be supplied with the phone as standard.

Motorola Mobility vice president of marketing for international markets Andrew Morley said:  “The Motorola GLEAM is a stylish and fun phone that also offers consumers a number of key entertainment features.

“It’s also a little quirky with its lighting design letting you stand out from the crowd and make a statement.”

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