MWC: Deutsch Telekom expects data revenues to double


Company says data consumption in some markets up by 105 per cent

T-Mobile parent company Deutsch Telekom told journalists today at the 2011 Mobile World Congress that it expects revenues from data to increase from €4 billion in 2009 to €10 billion by 2015.

Figures do not include the UK joint venture of Orange and T-Mobile, Everything Everywhere.

Figures showed data consumption in its German market have seen an increase from 34 million gigabytes in 2009 to 70 million gigabytes in 2010.

In 2005 just 0.2 gigabytes were used by consumers. The average iPhone user on T-Mobile accesses the internet for 60 minutes per day it claimed also, with the US averaging 40 minutes per day.

Deutsch Telekom also predicts it will achieve €1 billion during the same period for news ‘Intelligent Network Solutions’ (INC), which include energy, health care, connected vehicles. Revenues from INC are currently zero it said.

Deutsch Telekom also predicts Tablets will out sell PC’s in 2011 increasing data further.