Orange launches lone worker advisory guide


Orange partners with personal safety charity to launch advisory guide on working alone, following launch of lone worker solutions last year

Orange has partnered with personal safety charity the Suzy Lamplugh Trust to launch a advisory guide for lone workers on how to stay safe and feel confident.

Research commissioned by the operator alongside the launch of the guide found that 71 per cent of all people in jobs can be classified as ‘lone workers’.

It was also found that 18 per cent of workers spent 50 per cent of their time operating as a lone worker due to advancements in smartphone and communications technology.

The template for lone worker security – The Orange Guide to Working Safely Alone – will be available to download from the Orange Business website.

Last year, Orange announced strategic partnerships with application providers Guardian24 and Peoplesafe, which specialise in public and private sector lone worker solutions respectively.

The operator also announced it was working with encryption specialists Becrypt and Barron McCann to broaden its secure connectivity portfolio, allowing it to offer corporations the ability to encrypt laptop data to boost protection inthe event of loss or theft, and also to ensure data is encrypted and secure in transit across the Orange network.

Everything Everywhere vice president of business at Orange Martin Stiven said: “We worked with Suzy Lamplugh Trust to gain their expertise for developing the Orange guide to working safely alone.

This follows on from two strategic partnerships we announced last year,which allowed us to offer specialised solutions to public and private sector organisations with lone workers.

“These help provide 24/7 peace of mind for employers and employees alike when off-site through tailored support options, including a discreet panic button and GPS tracking.

“Orange recognises the growing need to provide businesses with easy to use, reliable tools that can help them take care of their employees’ well being in the way that suits them best, and the launch of this guide supports that aim.”