MWC: Google would have loved Nokia to have used Android


Google chief admits he tried to get Nokia to partner with Google and says “he would love” the two to partner up in the future

Outgoing Google chairman and chief executive Eric Schmidt (pictured) told delegates at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday that he was disappointed Nokia had not adopted the Android platform.

Schmidt who will leave his position to be replaced in April by google co-founder Larry Page revealed Google had attempted to get Nokia to partner with them instead of rival Microsoft.

Schmidt said: “We would love them [Nokia] to adopt Android in the future. We’re sorry that they made a different choice. We certainly tried [to get them to use Android].”

Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop defended his company’s partnership with Microsoft earlier in the week

Elop argued the company was right not to partner Android and to position the forthcoming Nokia and Microsoft handsets as a “challenger” brand. To have opted to partner Android would have created a “duopoly” Elop said, while the new Nokia and Microsoft phones will be the “challenger in a three horse race”.