Orange and T-Mobile cut iPad pricing


Apple device now available for £99 from both operators – a reduction of between £100 and £130

Orange and T-Mobile have slashed the price of the Apple iPad to a standard price of £99, down from the previous price of £229 for new customers and £199 for existing customers when purchased on a 24 month pay monthly contract.

The device was launched in December last year by both operators which billed the plan as the ‘affordable’ way to purchase to buy the popular tablet device.

Despite the reduction in up front cost, the iPad plans remain the same plan – existing customers pay £25 per month in return for 1GB of ‘anytime’ and 1GB of ‘quiet time’ data per month. The company defines ‘quiet time’ pricing as midnight to 4pm.

New customers will receive the same amount of data for £27 per month.

An Orange spokesperson said: “We can confirm we are running a price promotion on the device for a limited time only. Customers should visit their local Orange store or visit to find out more.”

The price slash comes amid widespread speculation that Apple will release its second iPad this year.