76 per cent of Londoners against using mobiles on tube


Poll of 1,094 Londoners in wake of Huawei announcement finds only 24 per cent want a mobile network on the underground

Seventy six percent of London residents are against a mobile network on the London underground according to a survey carried out by mobile price comparison site GoodMobilePhones.co.uk.

The findings – a result of an online survey carried out amongst 1,094 Londoners – follows confirmation yesterday by Chinese network vendor Huawei, that it is bidding to supply the tube with mobile technology in time for the 2012 Olympics.

Of the people who said they were against the mobile network, 31 per cent said they were worried about a potential threat from muggers or thieves, while 16 per cent said they believed using their mobile on the underground would increase their monthly bill.

However 24 per cent of people polled said the introduction of a mobile network on the underground was a good idea – the majority of which said mobile access would make it easier to contact emergency services in case of an emergency.

GoodMobilePhones.co.uk founder Marc Owen said: “The news of the underground mobile network certainly has caused quite a stir, but I am surprised to see so many people are against it.

“There are obviously risks with having increased usage of mobile phones on the tube, but these are things that can be sorted.

Having an underground mobile phone network is the next logical step, following in the footsteps of Paris and Hong Kong, who have had no major problems.”


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