Avenir seeks growth through accessories


Distributor to establish new sales operations outside Europe for the first time, with targets for significant increases in turnover and revenue set

Avenir Telecom is expecting to increase the group’s annual turnover to more than £525.6 million by 2013, by expanding the business into new global markets.

In a rare interview with the British press, chief executive Jean-Daniel Beurnier told Mobile News the handset and accessory distributor has set “ambitious” growth targets in its accessory business by aiming to double current revenues to more than £85 million within the next two years.

Achieving this target would, based on its 2010 financial figures, and annual turnover from direct and indirect distribution sales, see an increase from £483.2 million to £525 million across the Group, with the UK currently accounting for six per cent.

Beurnier said the Avenir Group is to set up new sales operations outside Europe for the first time, including offices in Africa (North and South), the Middle East and South America, during 2011.

The French company currently has direct business operations for handsets and accessories in eight European countries, which include the UK, Bulgaria, France, Portugal, Romania and Spain, where it has 200 ‘Vodafone Internity’ branded retail stores.

In addition, Avenir currently provides logistics distribution for accessories to around 20 countries through indirect channels including Greece, Albania, Turkey, the Balkans and Russia.
No specific time-scale has been given but Beurnier did say it will not “necessarily” be adding warehousing, instead relying on its current logistics.

Beurnier said: “The target of the Avenir Group is to achieve €100 million (£85 million) in turnover in the next two years in accessories. To achieve these we will extend the number of countries we operate in this year and continue to add new lines to our accessory portfolio.

“We want to extend the accessory business by opening new sales offices around the world, to give us a greater international presence and access to new markets. Operations will be based in Africa, South Africa, North Africa, Middle East and South America. We don’t currently have operations in these countries.

“We have been working in this business for a long time now, and we see the opportunities to add some real value in these markets for accessories, which differs from other competitors. Brands like BeeWi and Energizer put us in a strong position.

“Accessory distribution in the UK is a work in progress, but you will see a lot of brand launches and partnerships this year. Some very soon.”