Nokia to invest €200 million in Vietnam site


New manufacturing site will become company’s tenth globally as Nokia looks to further expand into developing nations

Nokia will spend an initial sum of €200 million constructing a new manufacturing site in Hanoi, Northern Vietnam.

The site which is expected to be opened in 2012 will receive further “sizeable” investments in time according to Nokia.

Nokia currently has manufacturing network of ten major facilities in nine countries including Brazil, Mexico, Finland and India.

The decision to invest in the site comes as Nokia looks to connect a new wave of people to the internet through its new range of smartphones.

The Finnish company believes that through these devices which offer internet services such as email and mobile internet it can connect another billion people to the internet.

The company says although 90 per cent of the worlds population currently lives within range of a mobile signal there are still 3.2 billion people who do not own a mobile device.

Nokia vice president Esko Aho (pictured sitting left) said: “Only about 30 per cent of the world’s population is currently online, and we believe we can play a major role in connecting the next billion no just to their phone but to their first internet and application experience.

Nokia senior vice president Juha Putkiranta said: “This new manufacturing site will play a key role in our effort to connect the next billion to the web.