T-Mobile looks to boost store productivity


Partnership with SWL Group has allowed to operator to analyse the ways stores are run and ensure maximum output from staff members

T-Mobile has partnered with productivity and budgeting expert SWL Group (SWL) to boost productivity and maximise labour output across its retail estate.

The deal has seen the operator analyse and asses how its store labour was utilised and then implement new work standards to ensure staff were able to maximise the customer service experience.

SWL was able to undertake this process by generating a comprehensive and accurate set of work standards to underpin future labour planning initiatives.

Following this, T-Mobile has been able to use SWL’s ‘Smart Budget’ solution – which considers ‘store specific’ factors – from work standards through to trading profiles and characteristics- to ensure productivity stays high.

Scenario planning exercises were also carried out by SWL in order for T-Mobile to identify ’cause and effect’ relationships between trading conditions and the required workload in hours for each store.

Everything Everywhere retail operation director Richard Morris said: “Besides helping us to quickly adapt to differing levels of trade, this managed service has really helped us drive benefit from the continuous consultative input from SWL’s team, challenging our thinking with creative yet experience-based solutions to protect the successful delivery of our business strategy.

SWL’s budgeting managed service is providing us with some great insights into the level of service we offer our customers on a store-specific basis ensuring that we place our right people in the right place at the right time, driving improved service, productivity and a greater competitive edge.”