Police warning as London iPhone thefts up


Police warn London commuters to be vigilant after South London gang strikes six times in just over a month 

The British Transport Police (BTP) have issued a warning to London train passengers following an increase of iPhone thefts in the capital.

The BTP said in a statement that six of the Apple devices had been snatched from passengers travelling on trains or waiting at stations in South London over the last two months.

It is believed the same two men are responsible for all of the thefts which occurred at Catford Bridge, West Dulwich, Mitcham Eastfields and Balham.

The warning comes less than a month after a survey found nearly a quarter of the 76 per cent of Londoners against a mobile signal being introduced on the tube felt this way due to a fear of being mugged.

Detective Constable Gary Bellinger said: “ Typically they [the men] walk through trains scouting for potential targets, namely passengers talking on their phones because they are more likely to be distracted.

“After singling out their victim they snatch the phone, using violence if they are met with any resistance, before making a quick escape while the train has stopped.

“We’ve made enquiries and followed up on a number of leads to try and get names for these men, but to no avail so far.”

Images of the men can be found on the BTP website and members of the public with any information are encouraged to contact the BTP directly.