Nokia launches biggest campaign in four years


Manufacturer to spend £40 million on above-the-line campaign to help push sales of the N8 – it’s biggest marketing spend since the release of the N95

Nokia has said it will continue to push its high-end handset the N8 with a £40 million above-the-line campaign to help push sales.

Nokia said the campaign for the N8 will be its biggest above-the-line marketing campaign on a single device since the N95 launched in 2007. The campaign will run until the end of April, and feature across all types of media, including a £4 million TV campaign, which it claims is more than any other manufacturer spent last year.

It said marketing would be kept simple to show what the product does, rather than use multiple “confusing” messages, as with previous devices.

All imagery used on its adverts will be taken from the N8 device, and Nokia is also launching a photography competition that will see the winning picture taken on the N8 displayed on the nearest billboard to the user’s home.

It is the second time in five months Nokia has launched an above-the-line campaign for the device, having achieved sales of 20,000 units per week at its peak – it hopes to hit similar figures again.