Daisy Distribution launches Vodafone Partner Programme


Vodafone opens its programme to Daisy Distribution’s base, with partners placed in either the ‘Gold’ or ‘Silver’ tiers and receiving a number of additional benefits

Daisy Distribution has launched the Vodafone Partner Programme to its own base of partners.

The programme, launched last September, features a tiered channel model with different levels for partners, who will have access to respective performance enablers, support packages and buisness development tools, based on a capability and performance criteria mix.

Partners will be placed into either the ‘Silver’ or ‘Gold’ tiers, following an initial period of review which commences next month.

The launch supports Daisy Distribution’s current ‘Going for Gold’ incentive in which partners are rewarded with cash bonuses, tactical promotions, incentives and the opportunity to become approved to supply the iPhone on Vodafone by increasing their business with the network.

to learn about Vodafone’s strategic viewpoint for the indirect channel, what underpins the vision and the standard wrap of support that Vodafone will invest in the programme, channel partners are being invited to a series of online launches today (March 17).

Daisy Distribution managing director Dave McGinn (pictured) said: “This initiative is multi-faceted and is looking beyond just financial rewards, to include support from us in helping partners with their marketing; ensuring they have skill sets within their business to sell more complex converged solutions; and in generally providing all the tools we can to promote their success.

“Going for Gold is ultimately about us helping as many partners as we can into our Gold level of the Vodafone Partner Programme once it fully launches within Daisy Distribution, and to ensure that these partners have a sustainable business model and solid foundations from which to succeed in the new Vodafone world.

“Partners can succeed to reaching the next level once they become more skilled and confident in selling more unified communications solutions and prove themselves through the programme’s review process.

“We anticipate that we wiull have a mix of Silver and Gold partners from the outset, but as we would never put a glass ceiling in place for any partner to grow, we will be supporting them all in striving for Gold status by extending our current Going for Gold initiative.

“We will equally be looking to expand our base of Vodafone partners and attract Silver partners from elsewhere by virtue of our account management structure and the enhanced tools and services we are investing into this programme launch.”

Vodafone UK head of partner services Dale Parkinson said: “Today represents the next step on our channel development path, creating a dedicated partner organisation to build long-term value for partners and customers.

“As our business continues to develop and we move further towards a true unified communications model, it is crucial that our channel partners have the right training, skills and capabilities to sell solutions such as One Net to grow their business.

“The Vodafone Partner Programme with Daisy Distribution is clear evidence of our further commitment to our channel partners and our investment i9n their growth.”