O2 and Vodafone ‘examining’ Ofcom’s proposal


Both operators won’t provide detailed statements, but O2 chief Ronan Dunne says he welcomes the consultation process leading up to any spectrum auction

O2 and Vodafone say they are currently examining Ofcom’s spectrum proposal in detail before they will make a full statement regarding their thoughts on the matter.

However O2 chief executive Ronan Dunne said his company “welcomes” the launch of the consultation process, which will now take place regarding Ofcom’s proposals.

He said the proposal, as it stood meant that O2 would have an opportunity to bid for sufficient spectrum to operate LTE services.

Dunne said: “I am glad that Ofcom has responded to my call for industry to explore innovative solutions, including sharing, in order to achieve a balanced outcome from this process.

“It is important to remember that this auction is about the future. And, as we have said before, it is critical that the conditions for the 4G spectrum are set for fair competition for all, realised through a simple, speedy process.”

Vodafone only issued a small statement in which it said it would need time to decide how it would go about providing mobile services going forward.

A Vodafone spokesperson said: “This is a complex set of proposals and it is going to take some time to consider how best to continue to provide our customers with mobile services in the future.”