Three applauds Ofcom spectrum proposals


Three has applauded Ofcom’s proposal calling them a “strong” commitment, but says there are still “distortions” that need to be addressed

Three has applauded Ofcom’s proposals regarding the auction of the 1800MHz and 2.6GHz frequencies calling it a “clear and strong” commitment.

Three chief executive Kevin Russell (pictured) said: “Ofcom’s proposals set out the core principle that the UK must retain four wholesale mobile operators.

“Against a background of consolidation in the UK and US this is a clear and strong commitment from Ofcom and the UK Government that will stimulate investment in mobile broadband and protect UK consumers.”

He reiterated the his belief that Three had been at a disadvantage for some time due to their inferior share of spectrum and called on Ofcom to still do more to address this.

“The January 2011 re-allocation of 2G spectrum has given a huge competitive advantage to Vodafone, O2 and Everything Everywhere.

“Ofcom’s proposals seek to rebalance this in the medium term but there are still immediate distortions that need to be addressed. These include significant coverage, capacity and financial benefits.”

Russell has been vocal in his demands aimed at Ofcom, calling on the regulator to introduce rules into the auction that would give his company an advantage in the next round of bidding.

He had voiced concerns that Three might be forced out of the UK market, and that an Ofcom decision to hold an auction based simply on encouraging the highest bids, could result in further consolidation of the UK mobile market if Three was forced to sell up from a weakened position.