Orange feels the pinch of HMV shutdowns


Three Orange concession stores have closed since HMV announced in January it would be closing 40 retail outlets across the UK

Three Orange concession stores inside HMV outlets have closed following HMV’s January announcement that it would reduce its retail estate due to falling revenues.

The closure of the Orange stores, two of which were located in HMV’s Oldham and Oxford Street shops, now brings the operator’s total presence within the entertainment retailer’s locations down to 34.

Orange told Mobile News that all staff working in the shut down concession stores had been moved to another one of its retail outlets.

Orange’s presence within HMV is well below the initial target that was laid out when the agreement was announced in April 2009.

The operator said at the time it had earmarked 100 locations across the UK to take up the store- in- store format by December of that year.

HMV confirmed to Mobile News that it planned to close a further 40 of its stores across the UK by the end of 2011, which could potentially include Orange concession stores.

An HMV spokesperson said: “ Potentially it (the closure process) might feature some Orange concessions, but more often than not it probably wont, so it’s difficult to give a precise direction on that.”

Despite HMV’s plans to close its stores, Orange said it remains committed to the partnership, calling it a “key part” of its retail strategy.