City specific mobile broadband speeds revealed


New research reveals Milton Keynes as slowest UK town for mobile broadband while Peterborough is best

Milton Keynes has been revealed as the UK town with the slowest mobile internet, with an average speed of 1.73 MB per second according to research released this week.

The company responsible for the research, price comparison website Top (Top 10) said the speeds in Milton Keynes are 45 per cent slower than the UK average.

Speeds were gauged from Top 10’s ‘speed tool’ which is downloaded by smartphone users in the form of an app which is able to calculate the average mobile internet speed in different areas.

In total 7,000 people contributed to the research since the app was launched in December last year.

The research found that half of the ten slowest cities for mobile internet are located in the north of England – Leicester and Huddersfield are the worst with average speeds of 2.01and 2.17 MB per second speeds respectively.

Peterborough was found to have the highest mobile internet speeds at 3.86 MB per second.

Top director Alex Buttle said: “There’s clearly quite a disparity when it comes to 3G connectivity across the UK. Despite the Government and mobile operators tirelessly working to increase the coverage and speed of the 3G service, there is evidently still a long way to go.

Buttle attacked the operators and said they “needed to get their house in order”.

“Advancements in mobile communications technology will be crucial if Britain hopes to remain a economic force on the world stage and compete in the global marketplace,” Buttle said.

“More and more businesses are reliant on mobile broadband, but without adequate investment in the telecoms infrastructure, aspirations of mobile broadband speeds 16 to 20 times faster than are currently achieved will be just pipe dreams,” he concluded.

The top ten slowest UK cities for mobile broadband as per Top research are as follows:

1. Milton Keynes 1.73 MB per second

2. Leicester 2.01 MB per second

3. Huddersfield 2.17 MB per second

4. Cardiff 2.18 MB per second

5. Liverpool 2.21 MB per second

6. Blackburn 2.23 MB per second

7. Stevenage 2.23 MB per second

8. Hull 2.35 MB per second

9. Stafford 2.37 MB per second

10. Birmingham 2.43MB per second