Everything Everywhere eyes SME market lead by 2015


Operator says it is on target to be the SME market leader by 2015 following a 500 per cent increase in connections last year

Everything Everywhere has resolved to be the SME market leader by 2015, after reporting a 500 per cent increase in SME  connections last year.

The joint company has dismissed a perception by dealers that the Orange brand is being  favoured over the T-Mobile brand.

It cites the launch of T-Mobile business contracts targeted at SMEs as proof that the T-Mobile brand is not being overlooked.

Since these tariffs were launched on March 1, T-Mobile has reported a 50 per cent sales increase in business connections from its stores.

Everything Everywhere vice president for business Martin Stiven (pictured) said: “Sales through dealers and resellers are at the heart of our SME strategy. If dealers are  unhappy with their network provider, then call us.

“Historically, T-Mobile shops have done a quarter of the B2B connections seen in Orange shops. We’ve started to rectify that by introducing the new six-month contracts, giving staff specialist training and giving them targets to achieve business connections.

“We are giving our T-Mobile partners the same message as we’ve been giving Orange. The message is that we will keep the price books consistent.

Stiven said the indirect sales channels would be vital to Everything Everywhere increasing its SME market share.

O2 and Vodafone have continued to dispute each other’s share of the SME market. Vodafone says it now matches O2. Last September O2 said it had 40 per cent of SME business.

Vodafone UK enterprise marketing director Peter Boucher said sales of OneNet quadrupled in the last six months.